Leadership Development

Pindar Sailing will develop a customised leadership development programme tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Our facilitators combine their passion for sailing with business and leadership knowledge to inspire, encourage and nurture aspiring team leaders utilising internationally accredited and approved methods.

Leadership Development Programmes

Pindar Sailing Leadership Development Half Day

Half Day

4-6 Hour Programme
Lecture or Practical
Tailored to suit
Pindar Sailing Leadership Development Full Day

Full Day

8 Hour Programme
1/2 Day Lecture
1/2 Day Practical
Apply Lessons Learned
Pindar Sailing Leadership Development Multi Day

Multi Day

Multiple Days
Mix of Lecture
and Practical experiences on board
Can Include overnight sails or race programmes

All programmes are tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs.


Dear Stuart,
Juli and I would like to thank you and the Pindar crew for creating an extremely rewarding leadership experience for our ADIA team last month.
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As you know, this particular senior management team will be leading a significant change within their business unit. Defining the direction of this change is the easy part; actually leading it is much more difficult. Successfully transforming the business unit will call for individuals on this team to transform themselves first. Intellectually, they understand what personal leadership behaviors are needed to navigate their teams through change, however Pindar’s sailing experience helped them bring those behaviours (and values) to the surface, in an environment where they can put those behaviors into practice and see their impact on others on the team. The experience enabled them to demonstrate their vulnerabilities as leaders which ultimately pushed them outside their comfort zones and stimulated learning. As you saw in their smiles, laughter, and stories after we docked, the participants found the experience immensely engaging. The lessons learned were memorable and immediately applicable to the workplace. The crew was fantastic. We were well taken care of, and even those of us who do not have our ‘sea legs’ felt safe and comfortable throughout the journey. We’re very happy with the outcome, Stuart, and I’m confident the return on the investment justifies bringing other teams on the Pindar sailing experience.
Thank you,
Head of HR Business Partners
UAE National Development

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