Pindar Sailing Team Building

Sailing for High Performance Team Building

Why sailing for High-Perfromance Team Building?
The sailing experience enables building a truly high performing team in as short a period of time as possible. The unique and self-sufficient environment of a yacht in combination with the confined living and working conditions on board and the challenging nature of the event creates a ‘pressure cooker’ environment; to succeed your team needs to work as a cohesive team.
A high performing team is not automatically formed by depositing all team members on a boat. It is formed through utilization of our unique program which guides your team through a proven process, this combined with the sailing challenge ensures your team successfully transitions into a high performing team.

By working together we accomplish more than one individual can.
An organisation can only be successful when teams are connected and collaborate effectively. To make the difference, we need to bring together different perspectives and strengths. When we find new ways to put our heads together, we see what really counts for the company and for the customers.

Key areas for success are:

  • Tapping into expertise wherever it is in the organisation
  • Communicating rapidly with one clear voice
  • Resilient in times of change and renewal
  • Able to adapt quickly and still be responsive to others

All of these behaviors are shown even when the teams tasks change and team members come and go.

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